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Default Beginner - want to get an E-drum kit

Hi all,
Ive been a guitarist for many years, listening to the likes of Jojo Mayer, Morgan Agren, Mario Duplantier, etc has got me interested in learning drums. Since I live in an apartment, I have decided on an electronic drum kit. I would like to add a double bass pedal to the kit, so I would like it to be compatible with external pedals. I plan to connect it to my Steve Slate VST so not too bothered about stock sounds, but connectivity to the computer without much latency is very important.

I've been considering Alesis DM6 and Alesis DM8, Yamaha DTX etc...but since I have no prior experience, Im not sure on how to differentiate between these.

I am also looking for a nice double bass pedal.

The genres of music I am mainly interested in are metal,jazz fusion and prog rock.

Please advise. Thanks
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