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Default Re: New pedal from Malleus.

Originally Posted by Jeff Almeyda View Post
I've been looking for my new "dream double pedal" ever since my demon drives were stolen last year.

I'm somewhat of a double pedal buff. I have a pair of the original Axis pedals, a newer Axis longboard pair, the trick dominator, the offset, (had) the demon drive and Eliminators.

I know all of the major pedals pluses and minuses. This pedal seems to address them:

1. No cast parts. Everything machined from wrought aluminum. (the demon drive is almost perfect for a direct drive but it fails on this count)
2. High end bearings.
3. No latency on slave
4. Slave/main beaters strike equidistant from center. (big problem with the axis if you don't trigger)
5. Highly adjustable
6. Actually available (as opposed to the Devils hoof Polish pedal in the States)
7. Uses an expansion spring (as opposed to that horrible feeling compression spring on the Trick)

I'm really considering these pedals. (Which, if you know me, means that I will probably order a pair with a week)
Jeff, as I'm not a double pedal player, please don't take my word as any indication of suitability for fast double stuff. I'm sure they're superb, but I can't personally testify to that. What I can tell you is that the single pedal plays superbly, & that the engineering standard is the best I've seen.

If you do want a set, let me know in advance. The order will need to go through Highwood, & I can't get you any discount, but as your pedals would be built to order, I can let Mark know they're on the way to a valued customer. BTW, the standard beaters they come with are crap. The thinking is that existing double bass players have their own beater preference. I did try their beater upgrade c/w the balance weight. Really good stuff. I'll check if they're available yet.
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