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Default Re: New pedal from Malleus.

Originally Posted by The Old Hyde View Post
MAd i just wathced the videos. i think that bass clamp is really innovative. thats a great idea and once you mount the clamp, the pedal goes on in one shot every time. My only issue is still with the double pedal rod. it looks like it has 4 allen screws to take it apart, i could be wrong. i personnaly dont like using anything but a drum key, that way i only need one tool with me, not a small black allen key i could lose on a dark stage.
Actually the length of the double pedal connecting rod is a "set it and forget it" type of thing for most people. After all, your legs aren't getting any longer between gigs.

The round connecting rod lends itself to the set it and forget it philosophy as well. If it's well engineered, it won't slip. The Axis rod is round and it never slips.
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