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Default Re: My homemade octoban project

Luckily, I have a buddy who has access to a band saw and he cut the acrylic for me in the desired lengths. Then, all I had to do was make sure the "bearing edges" were level and smooth.

So, I took a file and smoothed out the edges and removed some material to make the edge level all around.



Next, I measured for the locations of the holes for the lugs. First, a hole will be drilled 1.75" below the top edge for the first lug hole.

Next, I mark every 4.75" around the outside of the tube, being sure to keep my 1.75" from the top edge.

Drilling the top holes with my step drill bit:

Top holes drilled:

Bottom holes drilled:

Installing the lugs:

All lugs installed:

Head and hoop installed:

Measuring for center between the lugs to drill for the tom bracket:

Drilling for bracket:

Bracket installed:

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