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Default New pedal from Malleus.

I'm no expert on pedals, but I do know good engineering when I see it. This new pedal is designed by a friend of mine, who also happens to own the machining company that makes our Origin hardware. The Malleus pedal program is marketed through Highwood drums in the UK. Here's a link to their site

The design is modular, & can be switched from a single left or right handed pedal, to a double left or right handed pedal. Every moving part runs on ball race bearings. I know the double pedal linkage looks bulky, but it's all aluminium, & there's zero latency as far as I can make out. The standard of build is just miles better than anything else I've seen or used. Absolutely every single parameter can be adjusted, so customisation to your exact needs is a given.

I've been trying out a single pedal for the last few months, & it's a dream to use once dialed in. I especially like the power - speed adjustment. It actually allows someone like me of limited foot technique to pull off some cool stuff. Pricing is very good too, especially the single.

The funny looking "U" bracket you can see attaches to your bass drum hoop. Once fixed, the pedal clips in place via a ball joint. This not only allows fast assembly & breakdown without hoop rash issues, it also allows you to adjust the angle of the pedal in relation to the drum.

Anyhow, I think these are certainly worth checking out & including in your list if you're thinking of getting a pedal/pedals in the near future.

Cheers, Andy.
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