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Default How hard can I hit electronic drums???

Its been a long while since I have shown my face around here..not on purpose though :). Anyway I just picked up my first electronic drum set, a Hart Prodigy set with an Alesis D5 module. Its not the greatest set, but its not supposed to be, I love my acoustic set and nothing can replace a good ol Ludwig Classic maple, but I can't take that to an apartment..
So my question is.....

How hard can I hit the mesh heads?
While I don't destroy drum heads or drums, I hit pretty hard, especially when I get into what I am playing. Should I just get some super light sticks?

P.S. I know I'll never be the greatest drummer, but either I am just not used to playing an electronic set or its really picking out my flaws. I am sure glad I got a mesh head set though, I played hard rubber trigger sets before and it felt waaay to different from an acoustic kit.
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