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Default Re: What are you listening to right now? (part 2)

The bass looks like one these bad boys:

I can absolutely see the attraction here. I think (when budget allows) I'm going to buy a few albums and put them on repeat for a couple of days. The little synthesisers parts over the top is really dragging me on and I love the distorted guitar tone at the end - the good side of 'nasty' like David Gilmour's tone on 'Animals' (which is my favourite Pink Floyd album, incidentally).

Yep, I can see it.

With Joy Division, I hated them as a teenager. No idea why. Then a few years ago I gave them another chance bought both the main albums and I was hooked. I think the bass playing is what dragged me in and there is much fun to be had playing along to 'Disorder' on the bass:

EDIT: Just found this video of a modern reissue of the Bass VI:

My, oh my. That tone. I need one of these in my life now. Right now.
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