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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Hi everyone!

Real name? Carles
Age? 40
How long have you been playing? Since I was 14 years-old
Origin of user name? It's the translation of my real Spanish Last name
Your top 5 drummers? Neil Peart, Gavin Harrison, Danny Carey, Nicko McBrain, Carter Beauford
Make of drumkit? Pacific Drums & Percussion
Make of cymbal? Zidjian
Where do you practice? I hired a rehearsal room for some years
Are you in a band? Not now
Do you play covers or originals? Both
What style of music? Mainly prog-Metal, but I've played all kinds of styles
Favourite take out food? Pizza
What country do you live in? Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
One really odd fact about yourself? I think too much
How did you start drumming? It's really a weird story. It's 1.983, and I am 11. As a kid in a country where Rock was out of the media at the time, I am afraid of Heavy Metal. You know, it's loud and evil. That morning I went to school and saw some Heavy Metal fans looking really sad. I was afraid of them, but I knew one. I asked him what was going on. He told me the terrible news: this famous band, Iron Maiden, were in an airplane that crashed. Every member of the band was dead except the drummer, but the doctors were going to cut one of his arms off. I was pretty shocked. Even these "evil" people deserved a good life.
Now it's that day's afternoon. I've come home and I am eating a sandwich and watching the TV. In the Spanish public TV of those years was very rare to see anything close to Rock, so that made impossible to see anything harder than that. But there had to be some Metalhead working there that day, I don't know how he could do that. I am eating my sandwhich and suddenly, before the starting of some boring TV show, there you have it: the videoclip of "The trooper". At first, it is really weird and agressive to me. But since the news from this morning I just think: "Well, let's watch this, just for showing some respect. It's just a song". And 30 seconds later, something makes a "click" inside my brain. "I like this song! It's amazing!"

"The trooper" is less than 4 minutes long. In less than that, two things happened that day: a new Metalhead was born and that boy decided he wanted to be a drummer. "Man, that drumkit is huge! That drummer is really cool with those rolls!" Next morning, that stupid rumour was over. And my hair grew long and remained long for more than twenty years. I always thought I owe something to Nicko McBrain.

If anyone is interested, I have started a Drums & Percussion blog:

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