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Default Re: Review of Multiple Double Pedals

Originally Posted by eclipseownzu View Post
The Demon Drive was unlike any other pedal I ever remember playing. The footboard was so low and the response so light it was like I wasn't playing anything at all. I can see why a metal drummer would love this pedal. The slave was like playing a separate pedal or a double bass kit, the response was immediate and as smooth as the primary pedal.My biggest complaint is that I play some heel/toe and it was almost impossible to do with this pedal.
I actually found heel-toe to be a lot easier with the Demons (direct drive) BUT there's a definite lack of "feel" with these pedals which I still can't get used to (did you try them in longboard config)?
I've been thinking about switching back to chain driven and both your reviews of the Demon (chain) and DW9002 seem to back it up. Just need to decide which one would be best for me (going into a store and trying them out is no longer an option for me unfortunately)!
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