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Default Re: Review of Multiple Double Pedals

Not to hi-jack your thread, but I just did a similar comparison. I spent about 2 hours at a local drum shop trying out pedals. I tried out Iron Cobras, Demon Drives and DW 9002. I agree with you on almost every point, and would like to add a few of my own.

The Iron Cobras are built like tanks, and they play like they are built. They are solid and fast and loud and have an amazing attack. The slave pedal felt a little slow and I felt myself trying to compensate for that perceived lag.

The Demon Drive was unlike any other pedal I ever remember playing. The footboard was so low and the response so light it was like I wasn't playing anything at all. I can see why a metal drummer would love this pedal. The slave was like playing a separate pedal or a double bass kit, the response was immediate and as smooth as the primary pedal.My biggest complaint is that I play some heel/toe and it was almost impossible to do with this pedal.

Finally the DW 9002 (which is the pedal I bought) was perfect in every area. They are like driving a Ferrari, fast, smooth and built to perform. The slave is effortless and plays with no perceivable lag. I love the footboard height, and quick feel of the cam. Since buying it I have moved the chain back and actually slowed the pedal throw a bit.
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