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Default Re: Is it me, or....... advertising

Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post
Debbie goes to family reunions to meet new's the cousin you know right vs the brother you don't.

This is in a county where the most confusing day of the year is Fathers day,and the county motto is "Yes ...we have electricity"

Nothin' like a pick up truck in the front yard on cinder clocks that doubles as a planter to grown chewin' tabakee.

Warm weather dental ,AKA Summa teeth.Praise him...and pass the ammunition and bring yer own banjo and guit box,and don't fergit yer two barrel shoot twice gun,for the annuwal squirrel and possum hunting competshun.

Winner gits a new fishin pole,and a jug of uncle Lesters shine....fresh made, hear.

Some of you think that people like this don't exist.........they do

Steve B
Christ, I had no idea you lived in Romford!
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