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Default Re: A Tight Poppy Snare Sound

Yea, it's your reso. I tighten mine really friggin tight, almost, but not quite, to the point of stretching, and it sounds the best to me there. I listen for the note it makes by tapping it with the snares off, that's how I know if it needs tightening. There comes a point where when you tighten it further, the note doesn't pitch up anymore, because the film is stretching. That's too far. Right before that is where I tune to, at the very upper limits of it's tension. Loose snare resos sound like doggy poopy to me. Even if you like a loose batter for a low note, I find that the reso still needs to be way tight for the best tone. If you want a poppy sound, the snare wires should be pretty friggin tight too.
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