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Default Re: Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

Totally have to recommend Trick pedals. It took me a while to find them.
Started on my drum teacher's Iron Cobras, moved to a pair of my own Eliminators (chain drive) for about 2 years, then I tried the DW 9000s for about a year, moved back to Iron Cobras for 2 weeks and hated them, then back to the trusty Eliminators for another year or so.
After all that I finally found the Trick Bigfoot Pro1-V double pedals and I've been using them for 4 years now. I can't stress enough how good these pedals are.
I use them for metal, usually fairly fast and complex patterns, but they excel at playing heavy as well. I love hitting hard as the drums sound amazing this way, and same goes for the bass drum. These pedals allow you to play hard or fast or both with precise control.
If you've got the money then you should definitely give these a go.
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