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Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
First thing I do with all my 7As is cut the tips off about a cm down from the end of the tip so the bead doesn't dig into my palm when I play the butt ends (the only way I use 7As). I use a hacksaw if one's handy or I just shove the tip into a tone hole and work it around until it cracks clean through being careful not to let the grain split down the stick. Then I use whatever concrete surface is around to smooth the edges.
Hey, cutting the tips off and using the butt ends is a wonderful suggestion! Good thing
I haven't cut my sticks yet. hahaha!

Originally Posted by KarlCrafton View Post
When I cut mine down, I marked the spot to cut, put it in a vice, used a level to make sure the stick was straight, then I cut.

I used a belt sander to do a slight rounding of the end, which is kind of like a Vater stick.
After that, I had the sticks made to those specs by the company I endorsed (CDX is very close to taking orders again as their new shop is almost ready).
Thanks for the cutting tips. The custom drumsticks shop looks nice and I will try
to drop by after they're open for orders.
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