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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Listening to yourself is the best way to hone in on grove, sound, feel, timing, etc. Anything you work on will translate onto a recording device for you to objectively analyze. It's a matter of being honest with yourself and making the adjustments in your laying to get it to sound the way you wish to.

I hope that helps!


Hi Todd
I guess investing in an electronic kit has been wise then since I can record myself easily (never been able to before). Question on that though I know should I record myself constantly? For example with a click track and music? Should I try doing both my exercises with a metronomic device and record myself along with it as well as practicing with songs (trying to tackle some songs off M&M book)? Btw I just got a copy of Styx Rejuvenation and I have to say man I freaking love your playing its full of taste and chops perfectly mixed together and I am really learning a lot from everything you have put out. Long story short I am just saying thanks for all the material you have put out there (especially educational). I know it is a labor of love and most artist don't really get much money from doing those types of ventures. Happy playing bro and I hope we can have you in AZ for a clinic sometime.

Best wishes,
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