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Default Re: Is this a good starting set of mics for home studio?

It sounds like a good place to start, although I'm not at all a fan to pre-equalized bass drum microphones. If you're buying SM81s, the ElectroVoice RE20 doesn't seem like a long reach away in terms of expense. If you're going to use a pre-equalized microphone, 112, 52, 868, 902 or others, try not to get it too close to the resonant head to help alleviate some of its proximity effect. After purchasing these microphones, just add a Shure 57 now and then to cover your toms. I don't know your genre of music, but I always mic my hi hats so they don't get lost in the mix when playing intricate patterns.

BTW, I would buy a pair of the SM81s, they'll give you many opportunities for different miking techniques no matter if you go stereo or not.

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