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Default Re: ...for the jazz cats ...

Originally Posted by brady View Post
If you can find them, pick up a piar of the Erskine Big Band stick. Dang!! Amazing feel.

I picked up a couple Ride Sticks the other day (thanks a lot, Anthony... :-) ...) and thought I would try the newer Big Band stick to see how it felt. For my hands, SO much better than the Ride Stick. The rebound feels so effortless and I feel like I don't have to work quite as hard as I do with the Ride Stick, or any of my other sticks for that matter.
Glad someone else said it. I spent all night last night with the ride stick, and I came away with the same feeling that I was somehow doing more work than usual, even though it sounded way better than my usual standard promark.

Never heard of the "big band" stick. I'll look it up, see what it's about.
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