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Default Re: Cutting sticks

Yeah, cut away! They're just sticks (consumables). Obviously you don't like how they're balanced as it is so you've got nothing to lose.

I split my time between 5As and 7As. First thing I do with all my 7As is cut the tips off about a cm down from the end of the tip so the bead doesn't dig into my palm when I play the butt ends (the only way I use 7As). I use a hacksaw if one's handy or I just shove the tip into a tone hole and work it around until it cracks clean through being careful not to let the grain split down the stick. Then I use whatever concrete surface is around to smooth the edges. Granted, that won't work for taking length off the butt end but should to illustrate that it isn't rocket science or world peace.

I'm with you - I don't care for long sticks and I wouldn't think twice about cutting them down.
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