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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Originally Posted by DogBreath
That makes perfect sense to me. It also reminds me of a few years ago when Garth Brooks, who at the time was at the top of the Country Music charts, declared that Rock Music was easy, and he recorded and released a rock album to prove how he could be a rock star as well. It sucked, the critics hated it, and no one bought it. He did his absolute best, and he was horrible. (Amazon lists 214 of the CDs new and used starting at 65 cents)

Just because you are the best at something (as many would say Buddy was), doesn't mean that you can be the best at anything else. Buddy did not have the ability to be a great rock drummer, or a great Latin drummer. That doesn't take away from what he was, but there's no need to pretend that he was more than he actually was.

Say he was a pioneer. That's a fact. Say he was the greatest drummer ever. Fine, that's an opinion. But it's just silly to say things like "His speed was equal or better than anyone today" or "He never made a mistake while drumming." No need to make him into more than he was. Any one of us should be so talented!
To say things like "His speed was equal or better than anyone today" makes perfect sense, actually. There may be (and there are) some faster drummers out there using the (in)famous finger technique, but not using the wrists and certainly not playing and reaching the sticks that high while surpassing the 1000+ bps. Certainly not. And I certainly need a video to prove me wrong.

- Ivo.
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