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Default Re: To Port or not to Port...

Originally Posted by MaryO View Post
I think some lessons are just best learned on your own. Sometimes you have to experience the bad to know what the good sounds like. .
I totally subscribe to this. IDK, sometimes I resent it when people try and "get to the head of the class" without putting in the required work, money and time into it. Getting a good drum tone takes a long time, it's nothing like a guitar where you can just buy a different pedal. I've spent many thousands of dollars on heads, hundreds of hours experimenting with different head combos and tunings, I practice the way I hit the drums on a regular basis, and expend much mental energy trying to play and sound good.

Perhaps I'm being harsh, because when I did most of my experimenting, there was no one to ask advice from, no internet. So I guess I can't blame them for trying to save some ag. But I do anyway lol. If you don't work hard for it, I'm sorry I don't think you deserve it, that's my personal feeling towards it. It's larger than that though. The experience you get from trying and failing gives you something you just can't get from not failing. In the end it's YOUR ears that need to be pleased. Mary this is not directed at you, I am in agreement with you that people need to experience things for themselves.
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