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Default Re: To Port or not to Port...

I think some lessons are just best learned on your own. Sometimes you have to experience the bad to know what the good sounds like. I haven't put my powerstroke head on yet (just haven't had the time) but will do so soon. Personally I need to know what the stock heads sound like so I can appreciate the differences.

I follow all kinds of theads on here about heads, pedals, etc. etc trying to gain information and knowledge but until I realize for myself what the low end equipment sounds like, I have no idea what I don't like about it or what to look for when I'm able to spend more money on something (does that make sense? I hope so). I'm not as technical about these things as some are, I guess.

I didn't spend much on ANYTHING as a noob because I wanted to make sure that it was something I was going to stick with before sinking a lot of money into a hobby. Admittedly, cymbals were the first things I replaced because I couldn't stand the sound of banging on tin cans (which is what my cheapies sounded like to me) but it also allowed me to appreciate the differences in the quality of cymbals and why the good ones are so much more expensive. Heck when I started...I didn't even know the difference between 'bright' and 'dark' cymbals, much less knowing which I wanted and which would best suit my needs for my style of drumming. It would have been silly for me to go out and spend a lot of money at that time on better cymbals just to end up with something I really didn't want.

Sure if you're out playing gigs or with a band where you want the sound quality the best I can understand the investments but for some of us, it's not only a matter of budget but learning from the ground up. And I don't want to spend a lot of money on something that I don't know anything about so I need time to find out what sounds I'm looking for and what I should invest in to get those sounds.

Again, I don't know if any of this makes sense but I'm just trying to put it in the perspective of a noob who is trying to figure things out.
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