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Default Re: Evans Clear ECS SST or Genera 1 Coated?

Originally Posted by EvansSpecialist View Post
Typically when someone asks me for a drumhead recommendation to really bring out the sound of the shells, I think clear single-ply heads immediately (like a clear G1). They'll have a sensitive response, open tone and plenty of sustain. That being said, you mentioned that you're looking to cut down on overtones. In progressive order of more overtone attenuation, I would recommend coated G1 batters, then coated G1 batters over EC resos, then coated G12 batters over EC Resos. This will still help to maintain the true tone of the drums while only subtly coloring the sound in the upper register.

Excellent advice that I would echo. My 'go-to' head has always been single-ply coated. Enough warmth and overtone control but thin enough to really let the sound of the drum take centre stage. The only downside is that thinner heads are generally harder to tune and will exhibit a greater occurrence of unwanted overtones if badly tuned. Two-ply heads are a great compromise if you prefer a lower tuning.

Once we get into the 'pre-muffled' heads (with EC2s being the best in terms of my experience) the less tuning ability matters and the more dead the drum will sound. This can work very well in some situations but the drums will be quieter and have less projection, which can cause real problems at gigs if the toms aren't directly amplified.
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