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Default Re: Genetically modified food

Originally Posted by larryz View Post
Studies at Consumers Union show that people who consume organic food are exposed to 66% less pesticides than those who eat conventionally grown foods. That alone justifies rejecting GMOs. You won't immediately keel over after eating a GMO apple but over the years regular consumption of the stuff? Not me.
Sorry, but i think you meant conventionally grown here.

A lot of the problem, from my understanding, is that Monsanto is trying to eliminate the competition by elimination of non-hybrid seeds. In other words, produce plants that cannot reproduce productive seeds. This is a huge problem. Not only will all the different varieties of certain plants disappear, but what if everybody has to grow the same corn? There used to be a dozen varieties of corn. Now there are just a few available. Monsanto is trying to make it so that all seeds must be bought every year from them. What if a certain crop catches a disease like the Irish and the potato famine back in the day? Can you imagine?

Right now it seems like half of the Southern Hemisphere is trying to move north to more industrialized and fair economies. Can you imagine if there is only one kind of corn and the crops fail due to disease? Where are we gonna go? Crazy? Yep, we're all screwed. I just do what I can do to keep myself out of the doctors office. I don't have enough money to change anything except my own approach to living. We vote with our dollars everyday. We support Wal-Mart, we support Gas Station Convenience stores, we support GMO's, and we support the Governments.
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