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Default Re: Genetically modified food

Sounds like we have a few conspiracy theorists. Personally, I think all of the governments are corrupt, but it is at the point that little or nothing can be done to change it. You vote in that leader that is your "friend" until someone gives them money under the table and then they just do whatever the person paying the most wants. I'm not saying all rich people are corrupt, but some are, and those few are making life worse for a lot of other people.

As far as the modified food is concerned, it probably would be nicer for it not to he genetically modified, but as long as I am not getting sick from it, I am ok. I have bigger worries than how the food I am eating was raised.

I don't want to belittle anyone else's opinion, I am just giving my own. I don't really care as much about certain things when we have people out in the cold freezing or starving.
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