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Originally Posted by Dr_Watso View Post
Not even counting how the whole known universe is moving away from the "center", also at a high rate of speed. I guess, looking at the reverse, each of the atoms in our body, and everything else are also moving relative to their own scales.
Weirdly, quantum mechanics results in predictions of amazing accuracy. It is no doubt how reality works - and quantum sits in a state of uncertainty until the act of observation collapses the wave form and "creates" the reality. Completely loopy - and that is reality, not the "commonsense" reality we believe it to be (which is just a simple practical model of reality that is often factually wrong).

And it's reality that we sit amongst this thin biological layer on the outside of one of gazillions of giant spheres zooming around an ocean of dark matter and dark energy.

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oh, I feel giddy.
I think I like it
It's a buzz, isn't it? :)
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