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Default Re: Evans new Level 360 drum heads

I bought a 8", 10", and 14" onyx heads about 3 months ago from the local store. It was stock that's been there for a long while. They didn't have the 12" in stock. So, I threw them in the closet and forgot about them until yesterday. I went to the store, bought a 12" onyx, brought it home, and started installing them on my Pearl Export toms. I noticed the new 12" I picked up was in fact the new 360 design. But, it seemed to fit the shell no different than the others. But, I did notice how much easier it was to tune. I had to play around with the other size toms just a bit to get the sound I wanted. The 12" went where I wanted it to almost effortlessly compared to the others. I was kinda shocked though that it had the same wobbly play as the non-360 heads.
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