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Default Re: Genetically modified food

The US government and Monsanto have a long history of being in bed together and doing the wild thing. Monsanto suing small farmers because of cross-pollination due to the neglect of mega-farms using Monsanto product. The soaking of crops in Monsanto's Roundup Ready pesticide sh**t, The outrage goes on and on.

Anyway the safest thing you can do is buy certified organic. It may be more expensive but we don't have to eat like pigs either. Smaller portions are healthier. All Americans ask for is labeling of GMO food. Yet Monsanto is against it. Why, if it's so safe? Well the day will come soon when GMO labeling is a reality in the US. It's will take a bit longer..

Next outrage is mandatory fluoridation of water supplies in the US. That's a whole other discussion :)
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