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Default Re: Genetically modified food

The FDA is in bed with Monsanto and others. FDA has Monsanto's and others best interests at heart over the American people. The FDA makes it seem like they are your advocate but nothing is further from the truth. Don't trust the FDA to do what is good for you, just don't. These are the same people who gave us the food pyramid. What a boon to American health that's been.You say they're lax and you don't know why. It's not too hard to deduce. It's the money that the multinationals give to the government to enable them to operate freely without outside scrutiny.

I saw an interview with an FDA official and she flat out stated, and I quote, that "the FDA feels that Monsanto can police themselves". Seriously? I HIT THE ROOF when I heard that. That says it all right there. The Food and Drug Administration feels that something as important as the food supply needs no policing? Really? The FDA condones sneaking GMO's into our food supply with no input from the consumers. If that is not a criminal act, then I don't know what is. Federal Government, criminal act. Yea, I have a major problem with that and so should you.
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