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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hi Todd,

Thanks for the kind reply. I received the Styx Grand Illusions / Pieces of Eight DVD on Saturday after watching the program several times on Palladia. I am in the process of transcribing the Grand Illusions cut and will tackle the succeeding cuts in the coming weeks and months. I put your performance on this DVD up there with the Swinging New Band, Live at the Chez album by Buddy Rich in terms of driving the band, integrating your playing with the ensemble and tasteful support of the guitar and keyboard solos. In my opinion, your melodic use of your tom toms and bass drums to support the songs' melodies exceeds that of both Neil Peart and Ginger Baker during his days with Cream. I believe your creative use of your cymbals to selectively accent key notes in the songs' melodies exceeds that of Keith Moon.

I'll be glad to send you a PDF copy of the transcription of the Grand Illusions cut when I finish it, should you wish. I have found that the process of transcription helps me to appreciate the subtle aspects of various drummers' playing and with playing along with the songs on my drum set.

My copy of your first instructional DVD Methods and Mechanics should arrive today from Amazon. After watching it I will write a thoughtful review on Amazon. I know that reviews help customers make buying decisions.

I'll be ordering Methods and Mechanics II from your website after I finish the first video as I know you make more money from the sales of your copies than from the royalties from the publisher. (I have written and published six books about WWII history, so I know a little something about the royalties versus author's copies sales.)

I will try to get out to one of the Styx concerts and one of your clinics during this coming year.

Your playing on the Styx DVD has inspired my three year old grandson to play my drum set after losing interest several months ago. Thank you for that! (He's standing at my side bugging me to go play the drums right now.) Maybe he will decide to follow in your footsteps.


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