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Default Re: And the sickness continues!

Sickness indeed. We used to have to travel to a music or drum stores to satisfy our gear lust. Now it's just a few clicks away. If loved ones you haven't invited over start gathering in a group around you as you order gear - expect an intervention. LOL!

I have most of the Yamaha stuff Bo got and will say +1 for Yamaha single braced hardware. It's tough and light at the same time. If I bought flat based stands I think I might lose a few pounds over an entire hardware bag but not enough to replace the Yamahas.

The throne is my issue. I love my Roc n Soc but the base is the heaviest thing in my bag. I'm interested in how the throne works out for that reason.

I think if I could find a lighter but sturdy base with comfortable seat top I'll be good. I'm in the 200+lbs category as well so it can't be iffy.

My thought is to find a light sturdy base and then put maybe a Pork Pie or Gibraltar Roc n Soc style seat on it. Then I'd I'd lose at least 5 lbs from the throne base if not more. I could get a lighter seat but....I'd be unhappy with that toot sweet.
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