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Default Re: And the sickness continues!

When I switched from using a rack back to using stands a couple of years ago, I bought some of those (ahem) "inexpensive" Sound Percussion double-braced boom stands. Cheap and heavy duty, but now I have come to the conclusion that they are too cheap and too heavy duty. After a couple of years I have had to replace a couple of them and my back is telling me to go down Bo's route and get some lighter weight but better quality stands. In fact, my band mates refer to my hardware bag as "the body bag" because it is so heavy.

This weekend, intrigued by Bo's endorsement of the Yamaha hi-hat. I picked up a HH-740 hi-hat to replace my old one and I am now thoroughly in love with the Yamaha 700 series hardware. The hi-hat isn't much lighter than my old one but it is way less bulky and it actually feels more solid. The action is much better, too. The old one had a key tension adjustment but the new one has a dial that you lift up and turn to adjust. It's very smooth and during rehearsal it only took a song or two to get it dialed in just right. This is a well engineered bit of gear and the build quality is spot on.

I looked at the SS-740A snare stand and the 700-series cymbal stands and these will definitely be replacing my stands one at a time over the next few months.
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