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Default Re: Bernard "Pretty" Purdie

CLWarunki (2 months ago)
You might have a point there, but nobody can prove wether or not he did or didn't ghost on any beatles sessions etc... so it's still a mystery, but with all his credentials WHY WOULD HE NEED TO LIE!? Oh and "Aja" was not just Purdie... remember Gadd? I think there was a 3rd drummer on that record too. So you know Bowie and McCartney personally eh?
i can now debunk this mystery. one of the guitar teachers who works for me is robert ahwai. he recorded Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band with purdy in 1978. we were chatting and i mentioned this mystery and he knows purdy well as they were in Hummingbird together for a few years as well. He says purdy has recorded so much and worked so hard that it is likely that he is confusing this beatles cover album with actual beatles recordings - if, and only if, Purdy is indeed makng these claims at all. it is far more likely that purdy was actually referring to the cover album and others misunderstood him and the rumour then spread like wildfire.
Ergo Ringo really does rule.
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