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Default Re: Recording for Dummies?

Originally Posted by pinoydrummer View Post
Thanks for this thread as I'm also a recording newbie. I'm now setting up a
really simple room studio to record my drum covers.

I'm planning on a 3 mic setup (kick, snare, overhead condenser).

My question is should I buy a mixer or an audio interface? I'm planning to use
a PC for my recordings.
If you're only using 3 mics, you can get an interface that plugs straight into your computer. I have the M-Audio Fast Track Ultra and it works great. It has phantom power for the condensers, and has more than enough inputs for what you would be using. You can do all of your mixing in a DAW now. I recommend Reaper, as it's just as powerful as the other main DAWs, it's just not as expensive ($60 license).
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