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Default Re: How did Keith Moon play?

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
There have been many like him (until taught that it's not the proper role to play drums in a group).
Yeah, they certainly musn't stay that way. I can't think of anyone remotely like him. Can't even think of anyone attempting to copy or emulate him.......he seems to stand alone in that sense. One of very few players so unique that there precious little structure to grab on to. You can copy licks or ideas, but the overall vibe is very difficult to grasp. Can't say that about many other players from his generation who were equally as influential in a broader sense. I know you've drawn similarities with Mitch Mitchell before, but I reckon even Mitch provides more of an anchor point from which to 'get inside his head'
"Force of nature" is very apt IMHO.

I know many say Zac Hill is the closest we come to a modern day Keth Moon, but personally I don't hear it. To me it takes more than just being erratic to draw any parallels to Moon the actually have to be pleasant to listen to too. :-)
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