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Default Re: How did Keith Moon play?

Just to add to Anthony's spot on post:

Keith had amazing pair of wrists. He didn't use fingers, he had no technique, but some how his wrists were always fluid, and he could pull things off with just wrists that most trained drummers would use a combination of fingers and wrists to do.

Tight is hardly a word I'd use with Keith, but oddly, he was one of the first (if not THE first) guy to play to a click track and sequencer on stage, and he had no issues staying in time with the sequencer.

One under-rated aspect of Keith is his use of dynamics. My personal story is while Neil Peart had gotten my interested in drums, it was listening to how Keith controlled the dynamics in the The Who on Live at Leeds that made me commit my life to drums. Keith could actually play quietly, and build tension, and build, and play very intensely quietly and then just explode like an atomic bomb behind the kit. Even though Keith is more known for always being over the top and out of control, on stage, he had his own internal volume knob.
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