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The 5000 also looks pretty nice, but I'm just not sure about direct pull- the Roadpro I have now and a Pearl mid-quality stand that I played at one point both have that method and I've felt the same way about both. I also play a Pearl 2000 series stand in the church band and really do not like it- probably a combination of the drive mechanism and the Roland hi-hats.

Unfortunately I don't really have the opportunity to play these specific models though I felt how heavy the Atlas was at PASIC and also tried the Falcon, which didn't seem bad at all, though I was standing up. I will start trawling for deals on the 9000 though.

Also, while I'm at it, anybody have experience with Yamaha's 1200T stand? Good price and an inoffensive design on that one, and Yamaha hardware is sturdy to boot.
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