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Default How did Keith Moon play?

Sorry if that seems like a dumb question, but I'm intrigued by Keith Moon's style of drumming. Someone remarked recently when I was playing particularly 'over the top' that I played like him... But I wasn't intending trashing my kit, so not too sure what they meant unless it was that I was being very flamboyant with my arm movements.

In many films and videos his arms seem to be flailing about (sometimes it's hard to tell how he's playing), and he looks as if he's all over the place rhythmically, however the drum recordings seem quite tight. Did he play flamboyantly and differently on stage than when recording? Were his beats tight live?

It looks like he was a self-taught drummer from the way he plays, is that right or did he have 'formal' training or lessons. Was he just living up to his 'crazy man' image when he played and wanting to be the centre of attention, which I believe he always wanted to be?

I would appreciate any comments from those that have saw him play, rather than being pointed to youtube videos, most of which I've watched.

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