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Default Re: Double Pedals that can be used as singles - compiling a list?

Originally Posted by wildbill View Post
Are you sure about that?

As you can see the baseplates are pretty much identical but the slave has no holes drilled for the hoop clamp, and obviously that part is not included, same goes for the rubber piece at which the hoop rests. I don't have mine on the main pedal because I've built a riser for the bassdrum to let the beater strike my 22" bassdrum dead center. I'm currently only using the single pedal, should there be any confusion as to why the slave footboard is just lying there. :)

So, in order to for this to work you'd have to find another hoop clamp part and another rubber piece, drill some holes, move the beater mounting piece, and move the spring obviously. The hard part is drilling threads to mount the piece shown in this picture:

To sum up, these pedals can be used as singles, but you may want to look elsewhere. :)

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