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Default The NEW Mapex Falcon Pedal

Hi everyone. I just received a new set of the redesigned Mapex Falcon double pedals that Mapex was kind enough to send me as a warranty replacement for the original pedals. I wanted to post some pics of the "old and new" pedals for comparison.

The biggest difference I have noticed so far is that you can no longer replace the cams like in the original and the finish is a textured black rather than the glossy powder coat. Overall the pedal feels a bit more solid, still very well built and is extremely smooth. You don't get the belt drives with this pedal like the original did but it is available as an option along with the direct drive. The beaters with interchangeable weights and drive link seem to be the same as the originals.

I will have a chance on Sunday to give them a full run down and will let everyone know how that works out.
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