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Default Re: DW pedals ... kind of crap?

That 9K is ridiculously smooth, I was shocked by how smooth it was in comparison to the IC that I tried(both new).
I've never tried a pedal that smooth, of course I was out of the game the last 15, so that may explain that.
Stupid me was looking at Heel-up only I guess(would be my 1st dbl).
The 9K Hi-Hat stand was ridiculous as well.

You could take off the heel plate and bring it to a machine shop and have another one made up to your specs with tapped holes for the hinge and everything if you so choose(thinner, and without that ridiculous tread)- no big deal for a good machine shop.
My problem with the 3K, is it feels sluggish, and it's a brand new pedal just out of the box....feels like a POS in comparison to the Camco, and the spring angle(beater) on the Camco only has 3-4 holes(on MINE- I see newer ones have total swing adjustment), where as the 3K is adjustable across it's entire slot range(would probably be 5-6 holes on the older Camco I have).
I just don't think the 3K is a good pedal for me, but I'm hoping it will be after beater change/practice, as I got that pedal new for a good price....I won't hesitate to get rid of it though if need be.

Another example....don't assume......even if you read a ton of stuff.....I'm such a dumbass.

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