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Default Re: DW pedals ... kind of crap?

I wanted to go to a dbl pedal, so I "Upgraded" from an 80's Camco single chain/pedal, to a dbl pedal/ chain DW3000.
I just got it today, but that Camco is FAR more responsive, and that heel plate on the DW3000 is outright horrible, who comes up with this stuff?
I tested the 5000 and 9000 at GC(I wanted the 9000 dbl, couldn't afford it ;( ), and I didn't notice just how horrible that heel plate is....probably because I wasn't playing heel/toe much, if at all.
Where's my grinder.............

I adjusted it best I can, and I'm gonna give it a few, but I have a feeling that pedal is gonna get sold really quick.
I'm actually gonna switch the main 3K beater with the Camco felt one and see if that helps, but that 3000 feels sluggish in comparison.....I was astounded, and obviously very disappointed.
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