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Default Re: Can we have a 'like' button?

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Larry, in this case the Likes # is akin to a degree in the corporate world, demanded by recruiters who know a lot about recruiting and sweet Fanny Adams about the actual subject area.

It's the recruitment method of administrators hiring in unfamiliar areas. So they base their decisions on what's considered "safe" or well-accepted criteria ... which is not the same as selecting on merit based on an assessment of work and referral. The idea is to select people based on simple markers so that if the decision turns out to be a disaster they can say "well, I followed standard procedure / the industry standard".

The person you spoke to is in the music business for the business side only. To him the main difference between music and, say, gaskets would be that music is cooler to talk about at parties.
At the very least a degree is tangible and reveals that a predetermined criteria level has been achieved.

The approach that muppet is taking is more along the lines of asking how many of your peers bothered to sign your high school year book.
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