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Default Re: Yamaha Drum Pedal Question

Originally Posted by wildbill View Post
Oh oh - one more question - LOL

That Zildjian K above the tom, and the PDP snare - did you get those the same time as everything else? And were they part of the clearance stuff?
So basically everything was all in one trip?

BTW - on your other thread about the bass drum head. I use an Evans Emad on my Stage Custom, and am pretty pleased with it.
Well the pdp snare I got about two years ago at best buy lol it was 100 but it was an open boxed clearance..the k custom I got at another best buy location for 150 it's a 19 k custom hybrid china..and no when I got the drums I got a drum head besides that...the other cymbals I got at yet another store near where I it was three trips...I buy stuff only when it's cheap lol
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