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Default Re: Evans new Level 360 drum heads

Originally Posted by Shedboyxx View Post
Re: Availability

I ordered from Musicians Friend, a few days after NAMM. Received a 360 logoed, Evans Coated Power Center Dot 13" size for my Mapex Phosphor Bronze snare.
I spoke w/ Musician's Friend just few minutes ago, on the phone. The gal was just about completely clueless of the "Level 360". Shen then spoke to her manager...and after: I quote "There's no way we cant tell if it's the new head design or not, as there is no date stamped..."

I knew this brought up about abut at least 3 talking points (new logo, etc) but I knew I was drilling a dry hole. I said, "The manager does know what I'm talking about w/ the new head design, correct?", "Yes, he knows...there's just no way to tell.. unless when you get it and you can see they are not..." I responded, "That is the point of this entire phone call. I will have to look elsewhere." I am not near a drum shop. I shop online...Google Evans Level 360 and it still does not lead you to any online suppliers... what to do here....?
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