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Default Re: Can we have a 'like' button?

Originally Posted by ANIMALBEATS View Post
Easily apraisable comments allow people who would not have replied in writing to become involved.

I do not believe that this type of contribution would take away from discussion.

Ideally I would like to be able to open a thread, read down the replies, highlight the responses I enjoyed and possibly leave my own comment (without nessisarily addressing their content)


Like, like, like, I have nothing to say. Leave.

How would this negatively effect users?
Why is their involvement so crucial? That's the first question. Secondly, I would assume that a 'like' is anonymous according to previous implementations so short of knowing that somebody 'likes' something, what else does it add to the discussion and why should anybody else care?

The whole point of a discussion forum is to discuss. That's why users come here - either because they want to read other posters' comments (and I have no issue with 'lurkers' whatsoever, if they don't want to contribute actively, that's up to them) or because they want to address the comments of others and ask their own questions. Simply adding 'like' to a post addresses none of these use-cases as far as I'm concerned - it's not a discussion and all it does is affirm that non-contributors can say that they 'like' something, which is not a form of discussion. It's a conversational dead-end.

Furthermore, if there is a 'like' system then I would personally like the balance of a 'dislike' or down-vote option. I've seen this implemented in other places (Ars Technica comments section/forum) and the only advantage is that up-voted comments are highlighted and down-voted comments are automatically hidden once they reach a threshold. Within this forum, I don't think there are enough users that would actively vote to make this a representable and viable option. Then you have the further issue of the voting system becoming a discussion in itself and anonymous users (someone like Sticks under another name) voting against other users. In fact, we've already seen this happen on the 'Starring' system - whereby anonymous members (that we all know is Sticks) habitually down-voting threads that are posted by another member that they have personal issues with.

It's full of issues. A lack of forum throughput for validity, the fact that a 'like' is not conducive to discussion and the issues of a 'balanced' down-up-vote system.
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