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Default Re: Gibraltar stealth rack vs normal stands

Originally Posted by nitrokid View Post
ok thanks guys. I have been researching cymbal arms and none of them seem to be long enough to clamp onto the horizontal bar? What cymbal arms do you guys use
You have a couple of options for getting your crashes "up there", but first off, let's just say that if you like your crashes overhead, the Stealth Rack is going to start you off pretty low to begin with; it might be time to bring the cymbals back down to Earth, so to speak.

(1) Use an extended arm, or maybe one of Gibraltar's ultra-adjust boom arms:

(2) Use a multi-clamp extender post like this one, and then put any old cymbal boom holder in it (almost the same concept as the ultra adjust):

(3) (and this is pretty extreme) tear the tripods off one of your now unnecessary cymbal stands and use all three tubes to extend the height to where you want the cymbal. (Very last ditch, extreme, no-going-back method.)
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