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Default My homemade octoban project

I decided instead of paying Tama's ridiculous price for octobans ($300 for 2 in fiberglass nonetheless!) I would undertake the project of making my own. I sourced 6' of extruded acrylic tubing, along with hoops, lugs, tension rods, and mounting brackets online. Scouring used music stores and local Craigslist ads I found 2 stands with mounts for dual toms. I have all the parts ready to go except I'm waiting for the heads to be shipped. I'm going to be well under $400 for a set of four by the time I'm finished.

First step was cutting the acrylic in the desired lengths (11, 11.75, 13.5, and 15.5") and filing down the bearing edges for a level and smooth surface. This is currently where I'm at now, next step will be drilling for the lugs and brackets.

The second smallest tube has a crack, so I'm going to cut another length from my leftover 6' to replace it.

I will update this thread as I proceed.
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