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Default Re: Yamaha Drum Pedal Question

Originally Posted by x1503 View Post
Well what i did was that I went to best and went to the open box and clearance just type your location and it tells you what they have available...there selling out of stuff quick...the best deals I saw before were a zildjian 18 efx crash for 110...a sweet ride for 130...19 k custom crash china for 140..and some deals are not on there website but you have to look around..luckily here in California where I live there are alot of best buy music stores and looked around...
Ha ha - thanks for the tip. I never noticed that section on the site. So I actually made a trip to the store and just walked around and looked at stuff.
Looking at the site is a definite time saver, but it's still fun seeing and trying out stuff.

They list 4 Yamaha products at the store near here, but none of them are drums. 11 for Zildjian.

Edit: it's still hard for me to believe that deal you got. Also trying to get my head around that $130 new Sweet Ride. That's less than they go for used around here. Cymbals generally have a horrendous markup though. Hard not to feel you got ripped off when you buy a new cymbal.


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