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Default Re: I'm happy & proud :)

Wow...just great news.I'm sure there was lots of sacrifice and hard work but I know you'd do it again, in a New York Minute for that young woman.She's stunning.You must be on cloud 9.I know after putting my kids through college,nursing school and law school...that I'm so proud and completely broke,...kidding,not about the broke part though.But I wouldn't change a thing.It's all worth it in the end,just to see the look in her eyes.

It makes it all worth it.I wish her all the luck in the world,and may her seas be calm and the wind be at her back.She has a great dad to be proud of also.There aren't a lot of parents that go the extra mile,to help their children realize a dream.Cheers Andy ,nicely done.:)

Steve B
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