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Default Re: Czarcie Kopyto (Devil's hoof) - Double bass pedal from Poland

I have a Trick Dominator and the compression spring has an interesting bounce to it. I'm using it to work on a technique that involves stringing together heel-toe triplets on a single pedal into running double bass patterns when using both feet.

It has a slightly different sound than when playing heel-toe doubles sequentially. The interesting thing is that "pause" you have when playing doubles with heel-toe (I think of them as accents, galloping metal with an emphasis on every other kick :)) is less prominent when playing those triplets.

It struck me more because I got these pedals a few days back and achieving a sound like that (which I haven't really seen employed by other people) seems like a positive step for me.

The feel is there, I lack consistency with the triplets. I used to play heel up, but heel-toe seems like an easier way to generate more speed with less effort. Would like to include a short section on that aspect in a review video I'm planning.

Just wanted to throw that in there, seeing that a lot of people think the compression spring is just like an expression spring, or is inferior. Seeing is believing, of course.

Jeff Almeyda, might be a language issue! Sorry to hear about your Demon Drives, that's horrible.

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